Newcastle Herald

11th June 11

Pitched by The Style Doctor for The Newcastle Herald. OHARA 'Satellite' dress featured.

Singer Amy K of 'Data Romance'

2nd June 11

Wearing 'Midnight' silk dress for her Toronto concert with Sleigh Bells and CSS.  Styled by The Style Doctor.

Danni Minogue on Australia's Got Talent

1st June 11

The Style Doctor's styled Dannii Minogue in the OHARA 'Ray of Light' ponte dress

Shop Till You Drop

1st June 11

OHARA 'Planet' wool blend cape featured $389

Northern District Times

11th May 11

OHARA 'Sisters snare fashion award' article

Jacque Saladino

1st May 11

Wears OHARA 'Emily' silver clutch bag $250

Sun Herald 'S' Magazine

1st May 11

Clare & Kash O'Hara pictured at the Mad Men & Martinis launch

Australian Wool Awards

1st April 11

OHARA Awarded Winner of the Ready to Wear Category.