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Understanding your own body shape is one of the crucial steps in refreshing your wardrobe for this new season. There are eight body shapes as defined by us at The Style Doctor: hourglass, round/apple, pear, inverted triangle, lean column, rectangle, petite and plus size.

Among them, these are a the five most common shapes:

Round/ apple
Inverted triangle


The table below demonstrates the main characteristics of each body shape to help you determine which shape you have.  It can sometimes be a combination of shapes but if you can determine your general shape it will help you to outline what styles you should be looking to wear and what will flatter you the most. I have always been a general rectangle but after having 2 kids I am a lot "softer" (not as toned) through the middle area so I also use tips from the apple shape in order to disguise my ‘mummy tummy’.  Sadly for most Mums including me, midriffs are a thing of the past.

My top tips to get it right:

In order to determine your shape, the first thing I recommend is to be completely honest with your current body shape.  There is no point saying what you used to be or what shape you hope to have because you need to be wearing styles to suit your shape as it is right now.

The next thing is to read through all the shapes and think about which one best reflects you.  If it’s not jumping out at you knowing the sizes you wear in clothes can help i.e. if you buy a size larger up top and smaller down the bottom then you would most likely be an inverted triangle, or if you buy smaller up top and a larger size down the bottom you would most likely be a pear shape. 

Another good way of determining your shape if you are still not sure is to stand in your underwear in front of a full length mirror and see your body for what it is.    

If you are still not sure, meet with one of our Style Doctors who are always here to help you.

What is my body shape?  What's in store for me this Spring?

Once you have worked out your shape you will then be able to know what styles will best suit you. You will be able to see what is in store now for the 5 most common shapes below:


(This article was written by Kash O'Hara for Motherpedia and was publised on 3rd September 2015 )