Trend Thursday.  We are now introducing a new segement to our blog called Trend Thursday.  Here we will show one of the latest trends and show you how you can wear this look.

This week we are talking about the statement sleeve.  Blouson sleeves, puffed sleeves, balloon sleeves, 80’s sleevs, big sleeves, whatever you want to call them, there is no denying they are a huge trend at the moment.  The statement sleeves are on tops, dresses and jackets and they can create an edgy look or even soften a look and make it more feminine.  It all comes down to the fabric, the design and the detail.

We recently saw some amazing sleeves on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in the Mariam Sediq, Carla Zampatti, Thurley, Alice McCall, We are Kindred, Leo and Lin and even the Innovators show too proving that this trend is here to stay!


Carla Zampatti at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Resort 20.  Images by @_.callmekat for @thestyledr.


Mariam Seddiq at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Resort 20.  Images by @_.callmekat for @thestyledr.

Leo and Lin at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Resort 20.  Images by @_.callmekat for @thestyledr.


Thurley at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Resort 20.  Images by @_.callmekat for @thestyledr.

We are Kindred at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Resort 20.  Images by @_.callmekat for @thestyledr.

Mian Martha at The Innovators show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Resort 20.  Images by @_.callmekat for @thestyledr.

What I love most about this trend is that it gives a woman like me with small shoulders and wide hips great proportions.  It makes your waist appear a lot smaller than it is and we all want to appear more slender.  The statemant sleeve makes your eyes draw up and look at the sleeve rather than your hips and bottom or your middle area so it’s perfect for pear shaped, apple shaped and rectangle shaped bodies.  Here are a couple of my favourite statement sleeve looks so you can see how you can style the look for different occasions.

Wearing Ellery at the races.  Image by Wendell Teodoro


In a Zimmermann top at Fashion Week.  Image by Hanna Lassen.


In Camilla and Marc at Fashion Week.  Image by @shotswithcarolin for @thestyledr

If you’re loving this look, you can find it in store now.  From luxe to less.

Camilla and Marc dress - $799

Zimmermann top - $499

SABA knit - $103.20

Zara blouse - $99

If you need further style medicine and would like help interpreting this trend for you and how you can incporprate it into your life, please consult your Style Doctor.

Kash xx