I’ve always found successful women in business so inspiring and I love hearing their stories no matter what industry they’re in because you can hear the passion in their voice and often it’s their passion that gets them started, helps them overcome obstacles, motivates them to do what they love and is a huge part of their success.


I am lucky to know some amazing women in business with great style to boot that I would like to profile.  I hope that you find their stories inspiring as much as I do.

Today I would like to share with you Jodie King who owns and runs Skin Clinic Blyss in Randwick.  I first met Jodie in August this year and she has been looking after my skin ever since.  On my first visit to Skin Clinic Blyss, Jodie did a Visia skin analysis and I was shocked to see my pigmentation and the damage that growing up in Australia with fair skin has created.  Jodie assured me that it can be treated over time with laser and the right products and my skin journey at Skin Clinic Blyss began. Jodie is also treating my acne scarring and fine lines and I'm half way through my treatment.  (I will show you the final results once it's all done.)

I love going to Skin Clinic Blyss because it's a beautiful clinic and everyone is so lovely especially Jodie. I love hearing how she has had the business for over 20 years which is a huge achievement and inspiring for fellow #girlbosses.


Images on the Visia Skin Analysis


10 Questions with Jodie King from Skin Clinic Blyss


Q1. Have you always wanted to have your own business and be a #girlboss?

I had never thought about it, but was in the right place at the right time. My neighbour owned a business and the shop next door became available. She asked me if I would like it and I said why not, and that was 20 years ago!!


Q2. What was the hardest part about starting your business?

The long days between clients!! I read a lot of books!!


Q3. How did you build your client/ customer base?

Personalised service, passion and giving 110% every treatment. I was constantly studying to keep on top of latest treatments.


Q4. What do you love about your job and having your own business?

I love seeing a change in people’s skin, especially if they have been struggling with their skin condition for a long time. The change in a persons confidence is amazing


Q5. What do you least like about your job and having your own business?

Sometimes the very long hours and you’re always ‘on’


Q6. What has been your greatest achievement or win?  Did you celebrate this achievement? Why/ why not?

Marking 20 years in business in brand new premises (out third move) - and still treating some of my very first clients. We celebrated with a big party in the clinic to thank all of our amazing clients - and my fantastic staff


Q7. If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Don’t try to wear every hat. Outsource what you’re not good at - you’ll save precious time and money 


Q8. At The Style Doctor we believe style is more than the way you dress, it's your attitude, your level of confidence (without being arrogant) and how you conduct yourself and we think you've got great style!  What does style mean to you?

Being comfortable in your own skin, your confidence and attitude will shine through


Q9. Who do you think has great style? (famous, not famous, living or dead)

Besides you 😉 Cate Blanchett - she always looks fresh, confident and comfortable in everything she wears

Q10. What has been your favourite look you've ever worn?  Was it for a special occasion? How did you feel in this look?
I wore an all white pant suit for a charity function that was perfectly cut to suit my shape. I felt really confident (and comfortable!!)