Dr ellie pikoulas

I’ve always found successful women in business so inspiring and I love hearing their stories no matter what industry they’re in because you can hear the passion in their voice and often it’s their passion that gets them started, helps them overcome obstacles, motivates them to do what they love and is a huge part of their success.


Inspired by the team at Twisted who started #Twistedsista profiling successful women in business who actually interviewed me (click here to read interview), I too know some amazing women in business with great style to boot that I would like to profile.  I hope that you find their stories inspiring as much as I do.


Today I would like to share with you Ellie Pikoulas a very successful Dentist who started The Dental Spa in Bondi Junction.  It’s a busy practice but as a patient you always feel looked after from the minute you walk in.  I’ve been to Ellie as a patient a number of times and I love hearing all about her business and how she came to Australia from Venezuela and had to do further study in Dentistry to be able to practice in Australia.  Ellie has even looked after my little Style Nurses and I must say she is so good with kids.  She explained everything so well and got my kids excited about brushing their teeth, flossing and going to the dentist.


Here I chat to Ellie about her business, her successes and of course style.


10 Questions with Ellie Pikoulas, Dentist and Owner of The Dental Spa

Q1. Have you always wanted to have your own business and be a #girlboss?

Yes!! I always used to be the boss when playing with my friends as a little girl!


Q2. What was the hardest part about starting your business?

Quitting a paying job to start my own business and not generating an income for a while


Q3. How did you build your client/ customer base?

Going around local schools and daycare centres and teaching kids about oral hygiene. I also have a big network of friends who quickly spread the word around.


Q4. What do you love about your job and having your own business?

I love the daily interaction I have with people. I get to meet people of all social backgrounds. Having my own business allows me to work at my own pace to get to know my patients better. I love to hear about their stories and I feel fortunate I get to create an amazing friendship with all of them.


Q5. What do you least like about your job and having your own business?

The only thing I don't like about my job is dealing with rude people. Some people neglect their teeth and only seek dental treatment when they are in pain. Therefore they tend to be rude to us. The only thing I don't like about being "the boss" is having to let employees go when things are not working out between us.


Q6. What has been your greatest achievement or win?  Did you celebrate this achievement? Why/ why not?

I have won "The Brightest and Best Business Award" twice. Once in 2015, only 1 year after opening my own business and I won it again last year. This award was in the best Medical Service category.


Q7. If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Don't get married so young!!


Q8. At The Style Doctor we believe style is more than the way you dress, it's your attitude, your level of confidence (without being arrogant) and how you conduct yourself and we think you've got great style!  What does style mean to you?

Thank you! Style to me means everything. Is how I express myself and a way to show the world about where I come from and where I'm heading


Q9. Who do you think has great style? (famous, not famous, living or dead)

Both my mum and my grandma. Grandma lost her sight at a young age but she could still do her eyeliner and lip liner with perfection. And my mother, who is a retired gyneco-obstetrician always looked glamorous even when she was wearing scrubs.


Q10. What has been your favourite look you've ever worn?  Was it for a special occasion? How did you feel in this look?

My outfits for my 40th birthday party. It was a "white party" theme and I started the night with a one-off piece from Dion Lee followed by a gold sequins dress from Zhivago. I felt 40-fabulous and that life was just about to start getting better!! And it has!


Ellie looking fabulous in Dion Lee on her 40th!