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It’s hard for me to share this tip because you might pick up the designer frocks before me, however it’s too good not to share.  If you are not following @hockyourfrocks on instagram yet then I suggest you follow them and you might be lucky enough to find designer shoes or clothes in your size!


I first came across Hock Your Frocks (@hockyourfrocks) a couple of years ago when a friend suggested to me that I join and since then I have bought some beautiful pieces and even hocked some of my own.  Nikki the owner of Hock Your Frocks is hilarious and if you spot something on her page and want to try it on she will welcome you into her home where you can also see some of the frocks that haven’t been hocked yet.  There are always so many pieces that haven’t been worn or as Nikki always says ‘worn for a minute’ and are as good as new but with a fraction of the designer price tag.


The reason I wanted to talk about Hock Your Frocks is because this is where I was able to find this beautiful silk Gucci blouse which just happened to be in my size and my colour palette!


I always advise all my clients to picture where they will wear something before they buy it and what they have in their wardrobe to wear with it so that it will be worn.  By doing this you won't fall into the trap of buying something and never wearing it. A blouse like this Gucci one is so versatile and to prove how versatile it is, I have styled it 3 different ways.


Look 1- Ladies lunch

I’ve styled the blouse with a pair of Poca and Poca white pants, some flat points from Get  me to New York and a Chanel bag which is perfect for  lunch with the ladies.

Photo by @shotswithcarolin

Look 2- Work look

This is a great blouse that you could easily wear to work with either a black skirt or black pants.  Here I have styled the look with black pants from one of my previous OHARA collections and pumps from Dior.

Photo by @shotswithcarolin

Look 3 – Winter look

For a winter look I have styled the blouse with a leather skirt from AJE, Chloe boots which I also bought on Hock Your Frocks last year and I have thrown a H Brand fur over the top. You could easily wear this look with jeans instead of the skirt with the boots or even sneakers to dress it down.

Photo by @shotswithcarolin


Hopefully this style medicine has given you some inspiration but if dowdiness or fashion pain persists, please consult your Style Doctor.


Kash x