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The Style Doctor aim to please all our clients and our styling extends beyond the shopping session or workshop.  We have clients that call us, send us pictures or emails with photos of what we think they should wear with what.  We love helping and we love seeing people feel confident in their style.

See what our past clients have said about us:

Hi Kash

Thank you so much for such a fabulous input into our lives.

I know that sounds OTT but it is true. Maddie and I had a quick bite to eat yesterday before continuing shopping for Maddie( as she returns to Uni today and I have another week off) for another 3.5 hours and all we could say to each other was how thrilled we were that we had met you and how thankful we were for all of the conversations and the whole experience.

Maddie (and I) shopped with confidence yesterday afternoon – something that we have not previously experienced - and she completed her wardrobe needs at Zara. All she needs now is a handbag (which I ordered this morning - thanks for the voucher) and some shoes.

As for me, by the time I got home I had just about forgotten all of the stunning pieces that we purchased with you and so I had a ball showing them to my husband.......
I have just read through the notes that you attached and now that we have met, the styling tips and everything else mentioned makes so much more sense to me. I feel more confident in developing the style that I want to wear now.

Thank you for your patience and your honesty and for being able to stay for the extra time. Thanks for making shopping for the new healthier me so enjoyable and yet educational and still personalised.

We wish you all the best at the Melbourne Cup.

Steph (and Maddie)


Kash was fantastic and covered a whole range of useful and interesting tips and tricks for styling and making the most of what you've got.

- Kathryn, 38


The bridesmaids high tea with a stylist and power shop was a great experience and something I would recommend. I have never met with a stylist before so it was interesting and help to see things from their point of view. Our power shop for bridesmaid dresses was a success so that was a bonus. It was a fun thing to do with the girls as part of the lead up to the wedding.

- Michelle, 32


Clare had a fantastic knowledge of how to style outfits and care for different types of material. Clare was very friendly and it was great to go shopping with someone who had a good focus on what we were aiming to achieve.  Clare took me to various stores that I would not have ordinarily visited and pointed out items that would suit me.  I found this really useful as it gave me plenty of inspiration for future shopping. It made shopping fun rather than a chore and I would highly recommend Clare as a fantastic personal stylist.

- Reenah, 26


It was a fantastic experience Kash has a lot of knowledge and was a pleasure to deal with.

- Jennifer, 45


The experience was great, a high tea with a real twist...I was very surprised with how at ease the stylist made me feel...very informative and professional, and very one on one, makes you feel special, and who doesn’t like to feel like it's all about me.! It was terrific to be spoilt and have someone choose clothes for me that knows better than i do what I’m looking for!

- Lynn, 51


“Loved Lisa from the very first email. She not only gave me lots of online styling choices, but she explained in detail why I should go for one of her choices and that made a difference for me.

She was there when needed, a very quick response and brilliant support! Only had 48 hours to put together an outfit for a party in Italy, shop and feel happy about it. The end result gave me confidence and put a genuine smile on my face - thank you, Lisa!"

- I Hirtan, London


Growing up in Sydney and now living away it was a pleasure to soak up the atmosphere of Westfield's level 4 accompanied by expert stylist Kash and assistant, Jo. Combined with High Tea, it is an indulgent and exciting experience.

- Angela, 44


I had a great shopping experience with my stylist. She made my shopping experience more efficient and it was fun. Great gift to give to a friend. Will do it again!

- Flavia, 50


A very enjoyable and fun thing to do for a special treat with a girlfriend. We felt very comfortable with Kash that she had been able to understand our styles and tailor her suggestions to each of us individually. We were confident in her advice and suggestions of where to get value for money.

- Lynda, 52


I told my husband that the experience was kind of like flying business class – you do it once and then you never want to go back to economy! The same with shopping now – I never want to go shopping without Clare from The Style Doctor!! It was seriously the best thing I’ve done and I now have an awesome wardrobe that I love with so many options and Clare was just perfect. She made the day and she couldn’t be any more helpful or lovely! I came away with a whole new wardrobe that I absolutely LOVE and I now know how to mix & match and accessorise and what to look for when I next go shopping! Every outfit she came up with I just LOVED and she gave me great advise all during the session. Clare was seriously fantastic. She kept asking me if there was anything else that I was looking for and anything that we hadn’t gone over to make sure I was getting everything I wanted.  I’m even going to buy my family stylist sessions with Clare as birthday and Christmas presents as I thought it was so great and I'm definitely going to be recommending The Style Doctor to all my friends"

- Stefanie, 27


Kash, your knowledge of the fashion industry and styling was very insightful. You are such a nice person, it was so easy to go shopping with you - thank you for making our day so wonderful!

- Nicole, 41


I booked a wonderful wardrobe package with Lisa which was great. The process showed me which styles and colours suited me and how I should organise my wardrobe. After the session I feel more con_fident when shopping and have a more organised approach to my wardrobe, meaning I spend less time _finding what to wear and now have a wardrobe full of clothes I want to wear.”

- H Smith, London



Our stylist was very knowledgable and easy to talk to. She was very inspiring and the next day I was able to thoroughly clean out my wardrobe and decision making was very easy as I now knew what worked for me and what didn't. Kash gave me the skills to give myself a complete make over. Thank you.

- Belinda, 53


This was an invaluable use of my time and money. Kash is fantastic, the whole package was very personalised and relevant. Thank you!

Lucy, 32


I loved learning about how to shop for my body shape and I wish I could have shopped with Kash for longer!

Helena, 18


Kash was very knowledgeable and could even suggest things for me to wear at my age.  I loved the whole experience.

- Janice, 70


"I approached Lisa for style advice, because after a promotion at work I didn’t feel that my image reflected my new position. I wasn’t sure how to make changes and was making rash purchases that didn’t suit me or go with anything else I had.

Lisa provided me with a great style tutorial, from the colours that suit me, to the types of clothes I could wear for my new role but still in keeping with my personality. We then went shopping together and put what I had learnt into practice.

Since then, I feel more confident at work and have even had compliments on my new clothes.”

- S Douglas, London


Enjoying a delicious high tea while discovering your new wardrobe style with Elisa was a very fun experience. My mum and I really enjoyed it and we both ended up with some amazing new pieces in our wardrobe! Totally recommend this experience!

- Sandra, 36