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Power suits, fanny packs and scrunchies- oh my! The 80’s are back in a big way and there have been lot’s of 80’s trends on the runway and on the street.

Bella Hadid rocking the 80's trend


I’m saying yes to power suits, yes to white shoes, yes to white boots, yes to statement jackets, coloured jackets, yes to leather jackets, yes to statement earrings and yes to mini skirts (if you have the legs) but I am saying a big no to baggy stone wash denim and scrunchies, I think they should remain in the 80’s.


I am saying maybe to the fanny pack but it really depends on the style and how you wear it.  My friend and I have a running conversation about the fanny pack because she wanted to buy one and I said no. Before you tell me I’m a mean friend, hear me out.  She wanted to buy a Gucci one and I strongly advised to not buy one because if you’re going to spend that amount of money I think she’s better off getting a classic style that will last for years, not just for 5 minutes.  We also asked Edwina McCann, the Editor in Chief of Vogue Australia, last year when we were in a pink stretch hummer together (a story for another time) and she also said no to the fanny pack.


White shoe and white boot trend


The fanny pack is a maybe, I'd personally buy a classic style that won't date.

I don't care if you're Hayley Baldwin or not- keep the scrunchie in the 80's please!

My favourite trend from the 80’s is the statement jacket.  Balmain are famous for their 80’s style power jackets with shoulder pads and there are lot of designers that have brought out a similar style jacket including Camilla and Marc, Carla Zampatti, Sandro and even Zara have adopted the trend.

I attended a Shopbop showing last week put on my Brands Etc and I discovered a new designer called Marianna Senchina who has a fabulous red jacket with black polka dots and I had an instant #stylehigh and knew this would give me my 80’s trend fix.


I styled the jacket with an AJE leather black mini skirt, YSL pumps and F+ H hooped earrings. I have small shoulders so I love structured jackets because it works for me.

What 80’s trend are you saying yes to?

If it’s all too hard, please consult your Style Doctor for further style medicine.

Kash xx