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If you've been following my insta stories on the @thestyledr instagram page you would have seen me making book clutches over the last couple of weeks.

I first fell in love with the idea of a book clutch when I was shopping at Browns in London in 2014 and I discovered the Olympia Le Tan book clutches.  At the time I was in love with the Mary Poppins book clutch by Olympia Le Tan and if it wasn't for the $2000 price tag I would have bought one as a momento of my time in London.

I've also looked at the Kate Spade book clutches which I thought were quite cute too but I never bought one.

When the Autumn racing carnival came around I decided to make my own book clutch and I made two different ones that went perfectly with my look and cost me no more than $50.  Here's how I made it:

1. Firstly I looked for a small beautiful hardcover book in the perfect colours for my look.  For the Championships Day 2 I decided to wear white with blue so I looked for a light blue cover.  I came across the 'Vanity Fair' book at Harry Harthog at Bondi Junction and knew this one would be perfect.

2. I didn't get a chance to read the book so I decided that when I cut out the pages that I would cut around the writing and save the pages.

3.  The first thing I did was to sepearte the pages in half and put baking paper down the middle so the pages wouldn't stick together.

4. I then painted the pages with PVA glue which dries clear keeping the baking paper in the middle to seperate the pages.

5.  I then put a weight on top of the book (I used a speaker but you can use a heavy book or anything heavy and flat) to condense the pages and I left it to dry.

6.  Once the pages are dry and stuck together, I opened the book and used a stanley knife and a ruler to cut the pages out.


7. I cut enough pages out to be able to fit my phone, lipstick, a small purse and my house key inside the clutch.

8.  I decided to use a Royal Blue ribbon as a tie and glued that under the cover and the first page.

9.  I then used the glue to paint the inside pages where the pages had been cut out to make it more sturdy.

10.  I wore my new clutch bag with pride in the Harrolds Fashion Chute at the races.

I was inspired by the idea but I made it my own and I don't want to take away from the quality of the Olympia Le Tan clutches because when my budget permits I would still love to buy one.  I think my purchase will now be the Charlotte's Web book clutch so I can use it now and pass it down to Style Nurse Charlotte when she's older.  I can only dream and for now I will keep making my own.

I hope you enjoy making your book clutch but if you don't have time, please consult your Style Doctor so we can make one that will go perfectly with your look.

Love Style Doctor Kash x