Introduction to The Style Doctor

There’s only one cure for fashion fever, and that’s a good dose of retail therapy.

If you’re sick of staring into an overflowing closet and declaring ‘I have nothing to wear!’ or dread the thought of a pushy salesgirl stressing out your shopping spree, worry no more. Fashion’s best and brightest have gathered to form a talented team of sartorial specialists - The Style Doctors.

The brainchild of Aussie designer-turned-stylist Kash O’Hara, The Style Doctor is a panel of hand selected, local and international personal stylists. Replacing the standard ‘Point and Pay’ personal shoppers currently on offer; The Doctors are instead highly trained in the cut and design of clothing, dressing specific body shapes, and creating practical and flattering outfits that will see you through many seasons to come. They have come from London, Hong Kong, and the US; bringing with them a wealth of experience, genuine passion for fashion, and a desire to help.

Their offering is diverse: whether you’re styling your winter wardrobe, a celebrity for the red carpet, or even the inside of your house - the Doctors are on call. Apart from personal and celebrity styling, The Style Doctor agency also offers professional services across photo-shoots, runway shows, and fashion events; as well as their famous workshops held in collaboration with Westfield. Not convinced your overflowing wardrobe needs more clothes? Then let the team take a look with their Wardrobe Cleanse service, where they will breathe new life into old threads.

Take the leap into better health for your fashion, and begin your consultation with the team via their Australia-first online style survey - by just answering just a few easy questions, you will receive a comprehensive report on how to dress for your shape, colouring, and budget. No WebMD required.

So stop self-diagnosing, and turn to the experts: The Style Doctor is ready to see you now.

About The Style Doctor

The Style Doctor Stylists are true professional fashionistas you can rely on in a clothing crisis. From not knowing how to mix and match, having clothing that no longer fits right or is out of fashion, or simply not knowing how to match or find the perfect outfit, pair of shoes and accessories to complete your entire ensemble, we are the style consultants you require and we’re here to offer you style medicine.

In today’s world of ever-changing fashion trends and larger-than-life shopping centres, it is not only tedious and painstaking, but next to impossible finding and creating the perfect attire for a ladies day out, a hot date or a fancy dinner party. Style represents class and a level of sophistication! Making a fashion statement is not an easy thing especially when you are trying to dress to impress and stand out in the crowd. But worry not, as we are the dream fashion stylists who help you overcome and fully recover from your stressful situation. This is done with the utmost care and attention to colour, cuts, design and sizing to give you the ultimate look that you’ve only admired in magazines or on the runway. When we’re done transforming you, you’ll go straight from Plain Jane to woman with style!

Hired as your Style Doctor, we ensure that you not only recover, but that you never fall sick again of your fashion disaster moments and miseries! Yes, we promise to diagnose the best style sense within you that you will become a personal doctor for your own friends and family. Our services offer full commitment and dedication as well as well spent time and productivity to create your desired look for your special day or to add pieces to your everyday wardrobe. Paying great attention to not just your wants and needs, we take the time to discover what suits not your personality and your body type. Every woman has a different shape and size and there is no right or wrong shape, it’s all about knowing what suits you and emphasising your best features and minimising the features that aren’t as good (or as good as they used to be). We know where to find the pieces that hug your beautiful curves, or show your great bust or your fabulous legs! We always find pieces that you will look amazing in and have everyone looking at you for the right reasons- we create show stopping looks!

In our Wardrobe Audit, we do this by going through your closet scrutinising each piece. We keep all the items we think you look fabulous in and discard the ones you seemed to have purchased when suffering from a fashion illness or simply because the sales man wanted to pass on their contagious infection of bad buying. Don’t worry though, there is nothing to take to heart or be embarrassed about as we all have been there and done that. We are there to ensure you don’t do it again which saves you so much money in the long run.

The Style Doctor is a diverse team of highly talented and fashion professionals ready to cure your fashion migraines and fashion blood pressure spikes. Our team is formed from the best to deliver the best. Our fashionistas are available at your convenience, to visit you and your closet personally, or to take you shopping. Or if you don’t want to do it alone then grab some friends and come to one of our Style Workshops. Gathered from the best fashion industries, our team is trained to groom you through personal styling. Worried about a few extra pounds or a curve you’re too shy to show off? Come to us for an appointment that will transform your fashion outlook for life!

Bringing fourth a library of fashion knowledge, we provide the most unique techniques, tips and tricks to guide you to the inch by inch perfect fitting, quality fabric, and current trends to suit your shape and colouring! These services, although targeted specifically for women and men in Australia, also include special services provided to our high-end and demanding customer base in the United States, Canada, China and the United Kingdom. We’ve been serving our fashion-frenzied client base for several years now. So no matter what country or continent you belong to, we’ll be there in time of need via our Virtual Styling service.

Here at the Style Doctor, we are available for urgent and timely appointments to detect issues on time before they cause more serious harm to you and your look. Need to see how this is done? Be the next to fill in our quick, easy and reliable Style Survey. This survey not only calculates the severity of your fashion condition, but also displays immediate results that will help transform your fashion no-nos. Help yourself by obtaining Australia’s first ever online analysis generating tool to know exactly what suits your shape and colouring.

If you are still in search for the next top fashion expert, then the search is truly over. These services are provided with utmost professionalism, and include one-on-one collaborative sessions and group workshops both locally and globally to make sure you are satisfied. Your happiness and satisfaction is why we’re here to begin with. Our team also consists of dynamic personal shoppers who will make the task fashion shopping seem as easy as pie. Each personal shopper stylist provides commercial services on photo-shoots as well as textile and interior designing.

The Style Report

The style report is what we ask each client to complete so we can see ascertain your age, shape, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone and sizing. Fashion is a continuously fluctuating factor, while style is everlasting and eternal. It is our job to make it last so you spend each moment in a glamorous and fashionable way. With the help of our personal shopper, you will learn how to buy only the best. Each personal shopping assistant is in fact a qualified fashion doctor. You will be left stunned by the wand-waving and magic our team performs to transform you and your wardrobe.

Not limiting ourselves to providing traditional personal shopper Sydney services, we also enable our fashion subscribers to browse our up-to-date fashion apparel online through our industry leading Style Survey facility. Ranked as the Number One fashion web store and fashion consultancy in its industry, the personal shopper we assign you will take your worries personally and deal with them in the most engaging process to choose the ideal size, colour, clothing type and trend that not only enhances your looks but also places less strain on your purse. Our store provides the best fashion-related products and services in the whole of Australia. However this is only possible with your cooperation. Place your trust in us and help us build the same understanding to help us ensure we get all what we need from our Style Survey. So, remove all embarrassing second thoughts and call us up; we’ll handle everything while you just sit back and watch miracles happen. Because we’re here to diagnose your woes!

Our personal shopper service

This highly popular web store, complete with our exclusive personal shoppers Sydney services, is a must-visit in Australia. Offering a wide variety of goods and services to cater to individual preferences and tastes, we have experts in every fashion department available at the click of a button to fulfil your assorted, fashion-related problems. Organised into eight specialist departments, we have the best medical team to treat your style hazards and injuries. This is not only done with utmost care, effectiveness and efficiency but also with minimal treatment bills and recovery risks. We will guide you better on which items are worth your money and how to avoid swiping the credit card for unnecessary closet clots. These style service departments include, virtual stylists, personal shopping, wonderful wardrobe, professional services, celebrity styling, interior styling, style workshops and events, and, lastly, luxury shopping and high-tea experiences to keep your system healthy, clean, and fashionable fit and functioning.

Our doctors are truly talented and know how to cure you and your style imperfections with the latest and trending style iconic techniques. Our personal shopper Sydney specialists include some internationally renowned fashion doctors who have brought home a rich experience to diagnose and cure all your fashion and styling woes. They are your ultimate style magicians. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you in your hour of need and consists of true fashion miracle workers.

Many of our products are also available to actually cure some of your fashion flaws including treatment for everyday skin regimes, manicures, pedicures, and other health-related products to keep you refreshed and high on personal hygiene. Nothing is more stylish than a baby pink cheek flush and a radiant skin glow, with hands and feet as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Today’s women are multi-taskers, running errands while juggling the best of both worlds, their home and their office. We believe our women deserve the best in return for all their hard work and effort. A lot of these girls tend to neglect themselves as they place their loved ones’ needs above their own. We feel you ladies, and we are with you 100%. We have your back in such crucial times when you are too mentally and physically exhausted to pamper yourself and boost your style radar like you once did in your teens and early twenties.

Fashion and style is what you need to keep yourself fresh and alive. We have what it takes to further enhance your appearance so that you value and view yourself as you deserve. You are beautiful, we are here to help you not just see but believe that. We will help you treat yourself to the savviest shopping spree that will only motivate you to feel and look even more appealing than ever before. After all, that is what women are for and that is what women do best.

Our website provides you with a daily reminder of upcoming events so you can meet and mingle with inspirational guest speakers and fashion designers to help you learn more about the world of fashion. A lot is in store, literally. Our bodies are mannequins that deserve to be idolised, carrying all sorts of fashion trends to help us explore our taste, choices and style preferences. As humans, we crave constant change in life. That is what our style doctors offer you. Because change demands expert advice and consultancy. Do you really think you have what it takes to be daring and to explore styles? Then choose us and follow our lead, we truly know how to make you a superstar.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, send us an email or visit our website to connect with Australia’s most popular fashion and style guiding agency. The Style Doctors undergo extensive training and take numerous courses to qualify as your personal fashion mentors. We diagnose each symptom with our step-by-step style treatment to cure you of any and all fashion ailments instantly. The question is, do you think you have what it takes to get “treatment” from the best in the fashion industry? If the answer is “yes”, don’t wait any longer! We are always thrilled and excited to treat you to a fully-fledged fashion makeover. Style surgery, here we come!