I first came across Modibodi when they kindly offered to donate some vouchers for a free pair of undies for our Mother’s Day gift bags.   Since I hadn’t come across them before I did some more research into the brand and I found out that the Modibodi use the latest in fibre technologies and actually have their own patented Modifier Technology built into the undies which is a breathable, super slim, moisture wicking, absorbent, antimicrobial, stain resistant, leak proof technology.


As an expert stylist, I never recommend a brand or a label that I haven’t researched and tried myself so I got a few pairs of Modibodi undies and tested them out.  You may have seen some posts on my insta stories back in April/May.  I thought I would never steer away from my trusty Bonds undies however the Modibodi undies were so soft and comfortable, they were great to use at the gym, plus the added bonus is they protect you too. Another great thing about Modibodi is that they cater to all shapes and sizes which is perfect for all our Style Doctor Patients as our Style Doctor Patients (clients) come in all shapes and sizes too.  I don’t think I will use anything else now so I was more than happy to share this knowledge at the Mother’s Day styling high teas and I was more than happy to put the vouchers in the bags that went out to some very lucky women. 

Modibodi aims to empower women by protecting them against life’s annoying but very common unmentionables including light bladder leaks, menstrual onset, menstrual overflow/ spotting, discharge, odour and they even have the technology in bras for breast milk leaks.  I wish there were around when I was breastfeeding my kids as I had quite a few embarrassing moments when I forgot to put breast pads in… get the idea.


I think Modibodi undies are such a great idea and I am certainly sold.  I am sitting in my active wear in my Modibodi undies as I wrote this blog piece.


Go to and receive 10% off your first order by signing up to be a VIP.  Also visit their website so you can learn more about this exciting new underwear brand that is a total game changer when it comes to women’s undies.


I am sure you won’t look back!


Stay stylish or consult your Style Doctor,

Kash xx