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On Friday the 26nd May I spoke at the Ladies who lunch #GIRLBOSS lunch in Mudgee hosted by Olivia Morgan form Olivia Morgan Production and Management.  Olivia certainly knows how to put on an event and this was no exception. 

Ladies who lunch #girlboss- Image by Amelia Loneragan

The lunch was held at Craigmoor Pavilion, Mudgee’s oldest winery, with shared platters of delicious food and local wine enjoyed by women from Mudgee, women from other country towns in NSW and women from Sydney.


(top) The delicious chicken and vegetables, (bottom) The most amazing pavlova ever! - Images by Amelia Loneragan

Alongside me was Jane Hayes (The Acqua Brand), Cass Spies (Twisted Yoghurt) and Steph Leathers (Aje.) who all shared stories of success with lot’s of speed humps and learnings along the way and how we juggle being a #GIRLBOSS and a Mum.


(top) Olivia Morgan, Jane Hayes, Cass Spies; (bottom) Myself and Steph Leathers - Images by Amelia Loneragan)

I have known Cass Spies founder of Twisted for over 10 years, our husbands went to school together but we clicked from the moment we met.  Cass has seen the ups and downs I have gone through in business and I have seen hers too but we are lucky that we have a friendship that we can call each other at any time to bounce ideas off each other, share a champagne when things are going well or be a shoulder to cry on when things are hard.  The questions are never as easy as a black or white response but I value her opinion.

Jane Hayes from The Acquabrand and Steph Leathers from Aje,  I only met on the day but by the end of the day I felt I knew so much more about their careers, their businesses and what makes them so successful.  Thanks for being so open and honest and sharing your stories, I leant so much from you!

Being a #GIRLBOSS is not always easy and as women we still have a long way to go in supporting other #GIRLBOSSES which is why I jumped at the opportunity to talk at the event. I applaud Olivia for wanting to make a difference and connecting women from all different industries and at different stages in their life to share their stories.

(For those who would like to hear more about my story, you can click on the link to a video from when I started The Style Doctor 2 years ago)

We were also lucky to hear from Edwina Bartholomew who I have known for years through my sister and mutual friends.  I first met Edwina when she interviewed my sister on the news at our stand at the Easter Show in 2009.  I have enjoyed watching Edwina’s success as a media personality and I enjoyed hearing her talk at the #GIRLBOSS lunch.

Edwina Bartholomew and Olivia Morgan- Image by Amelia Loneragan

It was such an incredible long lunch and we hope to do it all again soon, possibly in Sydney.

For the lunch I wore my own top I designed for a previous collection, pants from Poca and Poca and Valentino shoes.

Kash xx