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What to wear when you travel


Airport travel

What should a flying traveller wear on a plane that combines comfort and style? Is it better to prioritise one or the other?

You can incorporate both comfort and style with a minimalist smart casual look by following these tips….

Your favourite pair of jeans in blue, black or dark denim- avoid white or light colours especially on long flights because turbulence can often cause things to spill all fall on you.  Also, you never know who you are sitting next to.  Try and find a denim with stretch content so that you feel comfortable on the plane.  I am wearing the new Jag Australia stretch skinny jeans.

A loose fitting top that’s comfortable (again darker or a print is best), and a pashmina or a scarf which can double up as a blanket and keep you warm when the air-conditiong drops.  I am wearing a cashmere jumper from Phillipe Le Bac Paris.

I also suggest wearing flat shoes, ballet flats are perfect, but pack a pair of socks to keep your feet warm.  I am wearing my Chanel ballet flats which are so comfy.

Always wear natural fabrics especially on long flights because they breathe a lot better than synthetic fabrics. Avoid linen though or anything that is easily creased and keep jewellery to a minimum too.


Photos by Will Capps @capturedbycapps

I was also lucky enough to win Antler luggage and I always travel with these bags because they are light-weight and have four wheels so they're so easy to pull around.


What are some new season accessories that won’t make a flyer uncomfortable?

A good scarf!


What are your must have beauty items to pack in your hand luggage?

Evian facial mist and a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.  Pawpaw ointment for your lips. 


Which celebrities do you think best present at airports when in transit? Why?

Miranda Kerr always looks polished.  She usually wears skinny jeans, ballet flats, a T-shirt and a blazer.  Business and first class travellers have the air hostesses hang their jackets up for them to avoid creasing so a jacket is a little harder to pull off if travelling in economy.

Victoria Beckham also looks fabulous too.


General Packing

If a traveller can only take three pieces for a summer holiday, what should they be? How about for winter? What are the current must-have pieces to suit both climates?

Summer- swimmers (a bikini or a great one piece), a summer dress or kaftan that can be dressed up or down and some nice leather sandals that can be dressed up or down.

Winter- A great leather pair of boots, jeans and a fur vest.

Both climates- opt for clothing in wool, silk or cotton because natural fibres can keep you cool in summer and warmer in winter.  A great silk shirt or top can be worn in summer and layered underneath a jacket or coat in winter.  A great LBD that can be worn with sandals in summer or layered underneath a jacket in winter.


What’s the best way to add a stylish touch to your outfit while still wearing a sensible, comfortable outfit?

A great tailored blazer or jacket.  A good jacket can be worn more casually with jeans or pants or dressed up over a dress or skirt and top and adds sophistication to any outfit!


Why is it important that travellers dress well while on holiday? Psychologically does this change their confidence?

Absolutely yes!!  You never know who you will meet when you are away and you shouldn’t let your outfit stop you from getting into places (nice restaurants, trendy bars), talking to someone or even an upgrade on the plane (this is rare these days but someone dressed smartly over someone wearing trackies or shorts and thongs will always prevail).

If you are a single girl you may attract some male attention by looking good too.


Fix its

Help! The airline has lost my luggage. What essentials should I rush out and buy to look fresh and stylish?

Don’t get trapped into buying the first thing you see just because you feel you need something because you will end up wearing it on the trip and then never wearing it again.  Find pieces that suit the climate you are in and suit your style. 

Oh oh, I can’t fit my new coat in my suitcase! What packing advice do you have for travellers who run out of space?

Wear it on the plane or if it’s too hot to wear, carry it. 


I’m confused, how do I begin to rationalise my wardrobe when it comes to packing?

Get your absolute favourite items out for the climate your are travelling to and put them on your bed and then work out how many days you will be away. Do you need all of them, or do you need to add some pieces?  Are you going to a wedding, going skiing or laying on a beach?  What are the essentials?  Ince you ask yourself these questions it will start to make sense of what you need.  Plus you want to save some room for shopping, right??